Seychelles Gastronomy

~ a taste of the islands ~

Yes, we have brought Seychelles to Bournemouth…….we would like you to indulge in an authentic Creole

cuisine cooked in an island style with spices, love and passion.


The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. The capital City Victoria, is situated on the main Island of Mahé and is the smallest capital city in Africa. The population is a small 94,000 people.


The island style cooking there is delicious, inspired from our beautiful Seychelles filled with endless flavours to enjoy. Our popular dishes are curries, fish and seafood all full of aroma. Our cooking is also inspired by the spices of migrant settlers which makes the food truly divine.


Our menu reflects the mixture of the Seychellois people, which is a melting pot of Europeans, Africans, Indians and

Chinese, Portuguese we have something for everyone from vegetarian, to hot curry lovers.


In the Seychelles islands it’s all about traditions, fish and seafood straight from the sea and onto the plate combined with a wide range of vegetable, and root crops e.g. cassava, sweet potato, breadfruit all full of nutrients and vitamins, are used abundantly as side dishes either steamed or baked or chips.


The local exotic fruits are used in most of our cooking and drinks to stimulate your palate, the blended fiery chilly or vegetable pickle (asar) on the side is a must.


The aroma loaded with flavour especially from cinnamon and cloves travels from the kitchen to meet you while you wait to be served.

Our dishes are authentic creole dishes, if you are looking for alternatives trust in our vegetarian or gluten options which contain less calories and ingenious combination of flavours.


In our nouvelle cuisine (modern cooking) fruits like mango, papaya and pineapple is added to enhance the flavours. The most loved dishes, are octopus or tuna curry cooked in coconut milk with flavours of cinnamon, coriander, curry leaves and locally made masala served with plain basmati rice accompanied with a ‘Seychelles style’ fruit chutney.


The Red Snapper an ultimate delicacy of Seychelles which comes in oven baked or pan fried moist steaks coated with our famous ‘creole sauce, ’a combination of onion, fresh tomato , bell pepper or passion fruit sauce, which is a must try.


The breadfruit is also a staple which can replace any potato dish. According to the legend, once you discover this delicacy,one always comes for more

Some of our dishes are unique ad authentic to the Seychelles and are reputed for their flavoursome taste and unique characteristics

Sit comfortably amidst our tropical and exotic décor, let our chefs prepare fresh gastronomic dishes to tantalize your taste buds and take you on a journey to the Seychelles Islands unique culture by a thousand miles.

Seychelles Gastronomy is an extension of two of our restaurants in Seychelles the ‘Lobster Bay’ situated in the south of Mahé next to the beach, where you can sit with your feet in the sand and the ‘Market Bistro’ situated on the upper floor of Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke market, in Victoria, a national monument named after the former British Governor of Seychelles.

Our aim is to bring you the unique taste of Seychelles cuisine right here in the heart of Bournemouth, with all its flavours and authenticity …….

Enjoy your culinary journey with us!

Opening Times

12 noon - 10pm

Closed on Tuesday


Tel: 01202 314256

Seychelles Gastronomy

53 Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth, BH2 6DW